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In a world where emotions can be chosen and controlled with the tap of a finger, Velora Kane's life on Mars is as colorless as the planet's desolate landscape. The colonies of Mars, a place where everyone works and no one truly lives, have thrived at the cost of personal freedom, where Emotons dictate emotions, and individuality is traded for the promise of safety. With her Emoton embedded in her wrist, she is forced to navigate the complexities of adolescence, friendships, and love in a society where emotions are controlled by technology.

When Velora crosses paths with Jaxsen, a new transfer to the colony, she begins to question the very nature of emotions, individuality, and freedom. Velora finds herself torn between the life that has been determined for her, and a longing for a world she begins to dream is possible.

"Emoton" is a captivating young adult science fiction tale of a girl's journey to discover her own emotions in a world that dictates them, where love, rebellion, and the search for true freedom could change the colonies of Mars forever. Will Velora's quest for control over her own emotions lead her to the freedom she so desperately desires? Find out in this emotionally charged and thought-provoking dystopian fiction.

You can get Emoton by B. A. Logue in either paperback or Kindle format on Amazon.

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